Consumers Title Agency, Inc.

Residential and Commercial Title Insurance

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Why Consumers Title Agency, Inc.?

Consumers Title Agency, Inc. is a full service New Jersey and New York title insurance company meeting the challenges facing the ever changing world of real estate. We also recognize that title insurance is a fundamental aspect of any real estate transaction.

As a full service company owned and managed by attorneys, each with more than twenty years experience, we are able to provide prompt and personal attention to all of your needs.

What is Title Insurance?

Suppose you purchase your dream house and when you arrive with your moving van, you find someone else inside claiming ownership. What if you are awoken one morning by a construction crew preparing to bulldoze your front yard to build a railroad track on an easement allegedly running through your property? What if you receive a notice of past due property taxes that must be paid or your property will be put up for tax sale? What would you do?

Title insurance is designed to prevent these problems from happening, as well as protecting you in the future if something unforeseen does occur.

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